Locked Down: Has Lockdown Boredom Lead You To Get Into A Police Chase Just For The Hell Of It.

Reviewed by Luke Barnes

Locked Down is a comedy drama heist film directed by Doug Liman. The plot follows a recently separated couple as they are forced to spend lockdown together, eventually the two get wrapped up in a heist that could change their lives forever.

I have been aware of this film for quite a while, but I have never really felt the urge to watch it… That should be indicative as to where this review is going. Personally, I am of two minds as to whether films about the pandemic should be made, seeing as we are still living in one- is it too soon? When does it become bad taste?

Having now watched it, I can say it is very ‘meh’. I don’t feel in any way enriched for having seen it, it left my mind immediately. That said it is entertaining enough and is not a bad film.

The way the film tries to portray the lived reality of lockdown is very Hollywood-ized, they are supposed to be regular people, but I don’t know any who has gone for a motor bike race with the police as a means of finding something to do with themselves during the lockdown, though hey maybe I don’t know ‘cool’ people.

The lead performances from Hathaway and Ejiofor, are both good and do anchor the film in something watchable, but even they can’t liven the film up and struggle against an all too familiar script.

Overall, maybe it is too soon for lockdown films.


The performances

It is watchable


It is too soon for films about lockdown

The script is weak

The cameos are weak and don’t add anything


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