Fyre: People Have Too Much Money

Reviewed by Luke Barnes

Fyre is a documentary film directed by Chris Smith. Of the two Fyre Festival documentaries out there this is the Netflix one, which seems to be the more well praised of the two. The documentary tells the story of the infamous Fyre Festival, a musical festival on a private island that ended up tricking influencers and other minor celebrities out of millions. The film analyses the days leading up to the inevitable disasters and tries to explain who was responsible.

My, my, the things people spend money on. Some people can afford 800,000 wrist bands for exclusive private festivals while others have to choose between heat and food, what a world.

So, this is a fun documentary to watch, yes it would be sad for the people who fell pray to the scam, but to those watching at home it is a nice trashy documentary to sink our teeth into. Much like junk food we know this has no artists value, but we consume it to take a little bit of joy out of watching these entitled influencer arseholes get dicked over, no? Just me?

I appreciated that the film had talking head guests who were actually there and involved, it allowed it to feel believable and trust worthy and though they might have some bias at least they have first hand knowledge and aren’t ‘web sleuths’. I also appreciated that though there have been developments since, this film tried to package everything together into one ultimate Fyre Festival narrative.

Overall, a nice bit of documentary junk food.


A fun watch

Sustaining junk food

Interesting and somewhat reliable talking heads

A complete story, for the most part


It has no artistic value


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