Rain Beau’s End

Rain Beau’s End is a drama film directed by Tracy Wren. The plot focuses on a lesbian couple who adopt a child with a genetic condition that makes them more likely to be violent, as such they have to find a way to help and support the child whilst revaluating their own acceptance.

This film has a lot to say about how LGBTQ+ couples are viewed within society, pointing out the higher standard and the subconscious judgements that they face on a daily basis, and how though we view ourselves and our society as progressive we still have a ways to go to better ourselves.

This film brought a tear to my eye twofold, both because there are beautiful moments that punch you in the heart with enough force that you think it is going to break and also because parts of it are desperately sad.

The performances from both Amanda Powell and Janelle Snow are transcendent, they real and genuine. You sink into these characters, forgetting that you are watching a film and think instead that you are having an outer body experience watching friends you have known all you life as they are tested; though it might be confusing that was a compliment towards the films writing.

Overall, an important film that prompts much needed self-reflection.


The lead performances

The emotions

The comments on society

The ending


Some of the supporting characters could be stronger


Reviewed by Luke    

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