Dementer: Cults Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Maintain The Safety Of Those Around You Without Them.

Dementer Is a horror film directed by Chad Crawford Kinkel. The plot sees Brandy (Brand Edmiston), escape a rural cult, later taking upon work at an assisted living facility for adults with special needs: to try and make up for her dark past. However, that very dark past threatens to tear back into her life and effect those closest to her.

The horror in this film is very effecting, mainly because it is so personal and human. As I have said in other reviews, with demons and ghost there is a degree of fantasy there you can convince yourself after the film that they don’t exist. However, the threats in this film, cults, and local evil is very real and not as easily pushed from one’s mind.

Edmiston make for a solid lead, we like her and want to see her life turn around and it does that despite the challenges she faces. Honestly, the personal journey her character goes through in this beautiful and very well constructed.

My one critique of the film would be that there are several lulls over the course of the film where things slow down, these bits lost my attention and took me out of the film. Moreover, the ending also doesn’t feel as satisfying as it should and instead feels rushed which makes the film end on a sour note

Overall, a very harrowing film that despite a few lulls and a botched ending manages to scare and leave a mark on the viewer.


The scares

The very real sense of danger



The lulls

The supporting characters need more development

The ending felt a little rushed


Reviewed by Luke

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