Monster Hunter: We Need Cat Chefs And We Need Them Now

Monster Hunter is a science fiction action film directed by Paul W.S Anderson, loosely based on the Monster Hunter series of video games. The plot sees a group of soldiers be transported to a world unlike our own, with the major difference being cat people and giant monsters.

So before we get into this review I just want to say I have not really played A Monster Hunter game before so I can’t say how faithful this film is or isn’t to the games. I can say that some of the elements that I have heard people talk about seem to bleed over.

Paul W.S Anderson gets a lot of very unnecessary hate as a director, I really don’t get it, with the exception of Pompeii, and the final Resident Evil film I have enjoyed everything he has done, and this is no different. Very much like Zack Snyder or Michael Bay, Anderson’s focus is on the visuals rather than the plot and as long as you understand that going in and check your expectations you are usually in for an entertaining time.

I think the best part of this film is the action scenes, both in terms of fighting the giant monsters (that actually look pretty good), and also in terms of the hand to hand fight scenes: in particularly I think the fight scene between Mila Jovovich’s Artemis and Tony Jaa’s Hunter is truly well done and the action feels very connective and visceral; I tip my hat to the choreographer.

Overall, an entertaining time with some nice visuals and fight choreography, is it going to be the best film you have ever seen? No. Though there are worse ways to spend an hour and forty-five minutes.


Mila Jovovich

The fight scenes

Faithful to certain elements of the games


A little bland at times

The story is very meh


Reviewed by Luke

2 thoughts on “Monster Hunter: We Need Cat Chefs And We Need Them Now

  1. I would’ve liked this better going in with the expectations you set.

    My issue is that I still have the 1997-2002 Paul W.S. Anderson stuck in my head when he made Event Horizon and the first Resident Evil, both visual spectacles with an interesting story.

    My other issue was that this is called Monster Hunter (haven’t played the video games) and they fought mostly two monster types for the majority of the movie which got old (budget savings?).

    I will probably re-watch this again and watching it for what is is, hopefully I’ll like it more.


    1. I agree early Paul W.S Anderson when he was making the original Resident Evil trilogy was on fire, and in these last few years he has definitely slipped, but I think this is better than I was expecting it to be. Also yes, totally agree with you the fact they only show two monster was almost certainly to keep this cheap


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