The Mandalorian The Series So Far

The Mandalorian is a science fiction television program set in the Star Wars universe. So this review/ discussion will serve as a general one for the show so far, rather than a review of either season one or two. The plot of the show centres around the life of a lone Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), as he travels around the Star Wars universe getting into trouble. The main through-line of the series is The mandalorian’s mission to find a home for a young jedi named Grogu (or as the internet has dubbed him Baby Yoda).

So, before we get into it, yes, I do believe Disney was right to axe Gina Carano from the show, as she has being spouting some heinous garbage on social media to try and chase clout and make herself a martyr of the conservative cause, and frankly I don’t want someone like that anywhere near my Star Wars content.

I’ve always had a strained relationship with Star Wars personally, I liked the animated shows, I like the books and comics and I like the games: the films not so much. However, this show a long with the new season of Clone Wars has got me back into Star Wars in a big way.

I enjoy how rich the world of this show is, and how characters return often. Do I think it is a bit lazy that the show has to rely on the team up mechanic for it’s season finale in both seasons so far of the show, yes I do, they should have tried something different with seasons two, but hey the finale was still pretty rad. I think the most interesting thing about Star Wars is the lore and this show really dives into that. It was fun seeing Ashoka (Rosario Dawson), again and I am excited for her spin off show.

I think the best thing about this show is its action, even in pretty standard middle of the season episodes we still get nice full on set pieces and action and it really helps the show to stand out from the competition and feel more like you’re watching a film then you are a tv show.

Overall, I won’t give it a score, as I don’t feel like that is where this piece was heading, but I will conclude to say this is a very good show, a show that restored by faith in Star Wars, does it play it too safe sometimes yes, but we are still very much entertained.


The action

The lore

The characters

Making Star Wars interesting again


It relies too much on team ups

Reviewed by Luke

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