Fun Moms Dinner: The Fun Part Is Dead On Arrival

Reviewed by Luke Barnes

Fun Moms Dinner is a comedy film directed by Alethea Jones; the plot sees a group of pre-school mums go on a night out together that quickly gets out of hand.

You have seen this film before, let’s get that out of the way now- there is nothing new or fresh with this film at all. It feels like a retread of a lot of the jokes and ideas from the Bad Moms films, though those films were better in almost every way.

I am not saying this film is bad, not quite, it is watchable but not much more than that. Adam Scott shines as an out of his depth dad and has some nice scenes that are very cutesy. Out of the four titular mums, none really shine. If I was forced to pick one to single out for praise it would probably be Toni Collette who even still is not at her best here.

This feels very much like a for the paycheck kind of film.

The humour, rather unsurprisingly didn’t work for me, again comedy is subjective, but personally I didn’t find a single joke funny, at best the ‘jokes’ are unfunny and at worst they are incredibly cringey and just awful

Overall, a very middling film, watchable, but not funny


Adam Scott

It is watchable


It feels like it was done for the money by a lot of the cast

It is not funny

The jokes are bad cringe


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