Sacrifice: The Truth About The American Tourist

Sacrifice is a horror film directed by Andy Collier and Toor Mian. The plot sees Issac (Ludovic Hughes), and his pregnant girlfriend Emma (Sophie Stevens), venture to a remote Norwegian island to collect an inheritance after Issacs’s Mum dies. However, once they get there they start to realise that there is something sinister afoot.

I will give this film props for two things. Firstly, it perfectly captures everything wrong with the American tourist, assuming everyone who is not from the USA doesn’t speak English and then talking slower and louder to them, whilst also thinking that non-American customs are freaky and are something to be feared. It is funny to see an American film tell it like it is, in some cases, rather than try and pretend they aren’t like that.

The second thing I will commend this film for is Barbara Crampton. She is the standout performer here, though that isn’t hard, and completely excels as the town sheriff/ cult leader. She has moments of threat and menace and also moments when you warm to her slightly.

However, other than Crampton and honesty, this film has little else going for it and is bad. The film is painfully dull, and a lot of the runtime is devoted to just watching the main couple argue, and it goes on and on. When we aren’t being subjected to needlessly petty domestic squabbles, we are treated to a forced elder gods Lovecraft rip off storyline that feels like it comes out of nowhere and then ends abruptly.

Overall, don’t waste your time, let me waste my time for you. This film is poor, the same exact idea has been done before and has been done far, far better.


The truth about the American tourist

Barbara Crampton


It is dull

It is just a couple arguing for most of the runtime

The elder gods/ monster stuff just comes out of nowhere and is no way developed

It is not scary in anyway


Reviewed by Luke     

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