Death Trip: Why Can’t We All Just Love Our Neighbor

Death Trip is a horror film directed by James Watts. The plot sees a group of friends go and stay at their parents cottage, whilst staying there they start to learn troubling secrets about the neighbours, and after a while one of the number is found mutilated. The friends now find themselves trapped in a hostile environment.

The mystery of what is going on here, which I won’t ruin as this is fairly new, is one of the best I have seen in years: it really had me going, I thought I figured out what was going on early into the film, but boy was I wrong.

I found this film quite scary, which is surprising considering that the home invasion/ evil neighbours sub-genre has been done to death several times over at this point. I ended up liking and becoming attached to the characters, so when they faced annihilation it felt all the more weighty and made me very tense. The threat is very real and present throughout, even in scenes that seem happy and light there is always a little bit there.

My one issue with this film, only a slight one, is that there are a few pacing issues mainly in the beginning of the film that make it a bit of a slog, luckily the film picks up after the first twenty minutes, so it isn’t that bad.

Overall, an interesting take on the sub-genre.


The story doesn’t go where you are expecting it to

The characters are feel real and relatable

A palpable sense of threat

Doing interesting things with the genre


Pacing issues mainly in the first twenty minutes.


Reviewed by Luke

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