A Glitch In The Matrix: You Will Never See The Matrix The Same Way Again

A Glitch In The Matrix is a documentary film directed by Rodney Ascher. The film servers to analysis the simulation debate, looking at first hand accounts as well as ‘scientific evidence’ for whether we are indeed living in a simulation.

There is no way to watch this without getting a strong feeling of existential dread, the very idea makes a chill creep up the spin. Much like Bliss the Owen Wilson film that I watched recently, which shares a very similar topic of analysis, there is something about simulation theory that sticks in the mind long after being exposed to it.

It has to be said that this documentary is in no way scientific, they don’t really have evidence more first-hand observed experiences and unproven ideas, more over they don’t have any one voicing opposition to the ideas laid out, so can be seen as leading.

I enjoyed watching it though and I found the topic fascinating, there is a lot of things to ponder once the film ends that’s for sure, and it made me second guess a few things, but mainly it made me want to read a Phillip K. Dick novel.

Overall, an interesting watch even if it did not mange to change my mind.


An interesting subject

A lot to think about

It has given my a renewed interested in Phillip K. Dick


It is not scientific

It is depressing


Reviewed by Luke

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