Breaking News In Yuba County: Anyone Can Make It Onto The News These Days

Breaking News In Yuba County is a comedy drama film directed by Tate Taylor. We follow Sue (Alison Janney), as she discovers her husband’s infidelity: which leads to his death through a heart attack. How does Sue deal with this? She buries him privately and tells everyone else he has gone missing so she can get media attention.

This was bad, just plain bad.

Firstly, it was in no way funny. Not only did I not laugh once, but the film failed to even make me smile, I did not have fun watching it and quite frankly it was a slog to get through. The characters are all such awful people, and the film does nothing to make you care about any of them, so you just feel indifferent to them regardless of what happens.

The film tries to distract you by having a number of famous faces in supporting roles, but this quickly wears out and instead serves to remind you, who is hard up and in need of a quick pay day role; most likely agreeing to star in anything as long as it pays off the credit card.

The central crime, the cover up of the husband’s heart attack, is so idiotic. It makes no sense as to why she would do it, we are lead to believe that Sue is just a regular person, not someone who can just flip a switch and become a criminal at the drop of a hat, but hey she does it constantly. The fact that the crime does not immediately get figured out is an insult to everyone’s intelligence, and in real life those investigating it would be fired for incompetence.

Overall, a very bad poorly thought-out comedy film that will be showing up in worst of 2021 lists soon enough.


It is not offensive


It is lame

It is not funny

The characters are not likeable

It feels done for the money


Reviewed by Luke   

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