Paradise Cove: Pull Up Your Floor Boards

Paradise Cove is a thriller film directed by Martin Guigui. The plot sees a builder (Todd Grinnell), and his wife (Mena Suvari), move into a new beach house in Malibu, however, once they settle in they start noticing strange occurrences which are all a result of the crazy homeless lady who lives under their house: who seems none to keen on the new tenants.

So, when I put this on I thought I knew exactly where it was going, but boy was I wrong. This film serves to rewrite a lot of the home invasion sub-genre cliches and attempts to make the sub-genre great again. In that vein the writing is quite smart, and I appreciated that, the usual dumb horror movie mistakes don’t happen and the characters and the situation as a whole play out in a terrifyingly realistic way.

I found the horror of this film to be quite chilling as it could so easily happen in reality. The idea of someone living in your house with you, unbeknownst to you, has happened multiple times over the years and been covered in the news: in that vein it is hard to separate the threat in this film and view it as not real in the same way you would watching something like Halloween (the later ones when Michael gets Superpowers). I don’t know if I would say this film is scary, but it certainly is unsettling.

Overall, this film did what a good thriller/ horror should do and left me feeling unsettled and a little uncomfortable after watching it.

It is unsettling

The premise is menacing

It keeps you on edge

The writing is strong and erases cliches


The acting by the main couple is very so so

A few pacing issues


Reviewed by Luke

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