Shithead: Getting High By Any Means Necessary

Shithead is a comedy film directed by Mike Morelli. The plot follows Jordan Cantwell (Johnny Smith), a man with a quest: to get as high as humanly possible and meet his favourite face paint rapper. Issue, he can’t get the goods, what’s a guy to do? Well Johnathan sees his girlfriends baby as a good source of drug money, a plan hatches.

I want to open this review by saying, what should be my catchphrase at this point, comedy is subjective it is one of the hardest genres to review and what works for me wont necessarily work for you. That said this film made me laugh.

I was quite lucky to have the chance to see this, and when it came into my inbox I checked it out almost straight away, I am always on the lookout for comedies, but like with horror I seem to have seen all of the good ones at this point.

The premise alone is hilarious, but it really is all in the execution: there are multiple laugh out loud moments in this film that had me in stiches, thinking about them now writing this is making me laugh. When I wasn’t laughing I was smiling, as though the characters are bad people there is still a likeability there.

Smith makes for a good protagonist who has tones of relatability, despite wanting to sell a baby, we have all had a day when we just want to cut loose and go and see our favourite band or artists and have set out on a quest to make that happen.

Overall, one of the funniest films I’ve seen so far in 2021.


The premise

It is relatable

The characters are likeable and fun to watch

It is very funny

The ending


A few slow moments


Reviewed by Luke        

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