The Voices: A Human Body Takes A Surprisingly Large Amount Of Tupperware Containers To Hold

The Voices is a black comedy horror film directed by Marjane Satrapi. The film follows the life of Jerry Hickfang (Ryan Reynolds), a mild-mannered office worker who is just trying to live his best life. However, Jerry hears voices particularly the voices of his cat and his dog and sometimes these voices lead him astray, such as when they encourage him to become a serial killer.

I have tried to watch this film before but watching it this most recent time I decided that I would stick it out until the end. Now, before I get into it I just want to say that I know comedy is subjective and black comedy even more so, however this film was just a bit too much for me in two regards.

Firstly, the cringe, there are multiple scenes in this film that are crawl up into a ball and die kind of cringe. Any scene when Jerry is trying to hit on women is particularly bad cringe to a point where it made my whole-body cringe, I think they over did it a little bit.

Secondly, this film is depressing, and you will leave it feeling bummed up. I understand that this is a dark comedy about a morbid subject but damn, this film is hard to get through. It made me laugh once or twice but for the most part it just made me feel sad. Particularly the ending.

The performances from Reynolds, Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick are all okay, I cant fault the acting though I will say no one blew me away with their performance.

Overall, this may just come down to comedic sensibilities for me this film was a bit too much, you might disagree with me and think it is hilarious: comedy especially dark comedy is very hard to judge.


The premise is interesting

The acting is okay


The cringe is too much

It is depressing

It feels familiar


Reviewed by Luke

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