Running With The Devil: Nicolas Cage Is Cooking Up That Good Shit

Running With The Devil is a crime film directed by Jason Cabell. The plot follows an internal investigation of a drug gang by its own members, as the Cook (Nicolas Cage), searches out why his recent batches of product have been sold at a lesser quality, whilst also being hunted down by government agents.

I enjoyed this film more than I thought I was going to. Firstly, I thought the style and presentation of the film was quite fresh and novel, there were a number of scenes that felt fourth wall breaking and almost like we were being told how to run a drug business that I thought were quite entertaining.

Moreover, the premise as a whole was interesting as they take a well-worn idea, the idea of the cheat within the drug cartel who is trying to steal from his employers and take it in a fresh direction as we see the investigation happen from the cartel’s point of view.

Furthermore, I thought Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne were both terrific and really made the film through there performances, the sequence with the two of them hiking into the frozen Canadian wilderness is a particularly high point. Conversely however, Leslie Bibb’s FBI character is very bland, as the films antagonist we would want to know more about her, but she just seems to be someone who really hates drug dealer, which is understandable, but also someone who has no issue breaking the law herself to string them up and torture them. I don’t think the performance it self is bad, just that the character as a whole is underdeveloped.

Overall, this is an interesting new flip on the crime genre.


Cage and Fishburne

The style

Showing the investigation from the cartel’s point of view


The villain needed further expansion


Reviewed by Luke

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