Donna: Hope Triumphs Over Despair

Donna is a drama film directed by Jaret Martino. The plot sees Donna’s (Kate Amundsen), life become a living hell as she becomes the victim of domestic abuse, however one day she listens to her inner voice and decides to change her life to save herself and her child.

This film is both heart-breaking and also empowering. Heart-breaking in the sense of we see this woman have her happiness and joy taken away in a very personal and upsetting way, whilst being reminded of the worst in society and how easily isolated and vulnerable we can become. However, it is also empowering to see this woman seize control of her own life and fight back to reclaim it.

Now, this film will not be for everyone as it can be incredibly bleak, but if you do stick with it you will find it to be very emotionally enriching. I thought the journey that Donna as a character went on was simply superb, the character growth and bond we form with her as a character are the by-product of clearly master storytellers.  

The ending, which I won’t spoil, feels very genuine and very satisfying. It doesn’t wholly tie things up there are still a few things to mull over when the credits role, but it does leave you feeling satisfied and better for having watched it. I cried.

Overall, a magnificent tale of empowerment and hope triumphing over despair.


The ending

The emotional journey

The connection the audience forms to the characters

The empowerment


It is very, very bleak at times


Reviewed by Luke  

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