White Lie: The Personal And The Private

White Lie is a Canadian drama film directed by Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas. The plot follows Katie (Kacey Rohl), a university student who fakes a cancer diagnosis for attention and financial gain and then gets caught up in her lie.

This is one of the tensest films I have seen in a long time, the idea of the lie being found out has you on the edge of your throughout, as more and more people get closer to the truth you are left with this dread that borders on excitement as to when the game will be found out.

The performances are strong all round, Rohl makes the character of Katie sympathetic even though she is without question a bad person. The film lives in an area of nuance, as it does not make a moral judgement about its characters rather allowing instead for the audience to make up their own minds about Katie.

I enjoy how this film plays with what we see and what we know in a digital setting. This film is very tech savvy and it makes the most of its contemporary means available to it, by analysing the media environment and how we exist within it, the idea of the public and the private, the real self and the artificial.

Overall, a very interesting film that poses a lot of nuanced ideas and allows us to form our own mind, we are torn.


The tension

It makes the most of its digital times setting

It does not make moral judgments about its subject


A few light pacing issues


Reviewed by Luke  

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