Hope Gap: The Secret To An Unhappy Marriage Is Flipping The Breakfast Table

Hope Gap is a drama film directed by William Nicholson. The plot follows a couple who have been married for going on 30 years, however, one day it ends abruptly after Edward (Bill Nighy), finds someone else: this leaves Grace (Annette Benning), at an end as she has to try and figure out who she is without her husband.

So this film was very ordinary, and I mean that as both a positive and a negative. As a negative, nothing really happens it is just a film about a divorce there is no dramatic flair that can be seen in similar films like Marriage Story.

However, as a positive it feels deeply personable and relatable. I and many others have been in this situation before or known someone who has been in that situation; many of us are children of divorce and separation. In that way this film caught a nerve, at least for me, as it reminded me of my own life.

Bill Nighy is always a delight to see on screen, and he is balanced perfectly with Annette Benning. The two have great chemistry on screen and even in the smallest scenes can generate a well of emotion and resonance. The performances from the two of them were tip top. However, Josh O’ Conner as Jamie (the son), was less convincing. I think if anything Nighy and Benning do a lot with a little in terms of their performance whereas O’ Connor is overacting like his is on a soap opera and he lacks any kind of reserved passion or subtlety.

Overall, definitely not one for everyone but it is worth a watch I took away some resonance from it, some emotion, even a remembrance and maybe you will too.




It feels very ordinary and as is very relatable


Not much happens

Josh O’ Conner overacts


Reviewed by Luke   

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