Clue: The Studio Executive Killed Him With A Lack Of Imagination

Clue is a black comedy mystery film directed by Jonathan Lynn, based on the board game of the same name. The plot sees a group of people gather together in a house under mysterious circumstances, once together people start to die one by one, and the surviving members of the party must figure out who the murder is.

So, I am quite the Tim Curry fan, as such I have heard talk of this film and it has been on my watchlist for quite some time. Upon watching it, I find it to be a mixed bag, but I find Curry as enjoyable as ever.

The idea of bringing the concept of a board game into a cinematic medium was always going to be a hard task to accomplish, but this film does give it a try. Sadly, it never manages to nail a tone or approach, sometime it borders on something like the Movie films in terms of silly parody, but then a moment later it will be taking the premise a bit too seriously for that to apply.

The cast are all serviceable, no one is bad, but no one (other than Curry) is good either. Curry has his manic energy especially towards the end of the film when he really lets loose where he is able to shine and effectively steal the film and the limelight. I would say the film would be far lesser without Curry’s involvement.

Overall, trying to adapt a board game into a film was always going to result in failure so I can’t say I am surprised. However, Curry is great.


Tim Curry

A few good gags


It ages poorly

The tone is inconsistent

Not all the jokes land


Reviewed by Luke

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