Arizona: The Longest Car Ride

Arizona is a dark comedy thriller film directed by Jonathan Watson. The film sees real estate agent Cassie Fowler (Rosemarie DeWitt), and her teenage daughter become caught up in a fight for their lives, after local man Sonny (Danny McBride), has a break and goes on a murderous spree.

This film was a crushing disappointment. I missed it upon first release so when I saw it on Netflix and remembered the trailer I was excited and put it on with high expectations, it did not meet them in anyway; it seems all the best bits where put in the trailer.

So my biggest issue with this film is how damn generic it is, there is nothing new or novel about the concept or its execution you have seen this done before and a lot better too. There are large parts of the film that just feel tedious as you are left begging for something to happen to liven up the scene.

McBride for his part is trying, he tries to make Sonny funny and memorable sadly neither of those things pan out. DeWitt on the other hand is one of the most boring protagonists ever put to film, you don’t care about her at all and that really takes a lot of the tension out of the fight or flight scenes.

Finally, and perhaps worst of all, the humour is not funny. As I often say humour is subjective and dark comedy is even more so, but for me personally this film did not make me laugh once if anything it made me roll my eyes and cringe more often then not: it is painfully unfunny.

Overall, a disappointment.


McBride is trying


Luke Wilson’s character and all the time spent with him is entirely needless

The lead is charmless

The jokes aren’t funny

The film is boring bordering on tedious, often


Reviewed by Luke

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