Unfinished Business: Nick Frost’s Has Got BDE

Unfinished Business is a comedy film directed by Ken Scott. The plot sees a trio of business men played by (Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave Franco), break ranks with their company and start out on their own, trying to steal the big deal right out from under their former boss.

Usually, with these sort of comedy films the message is quite hollow and there is nothing more to the film then watching people party and sort out some vague forced drama for an hour and a half. However, this film has a heart and a soul as well, the father son storyline about Vince Vaughn’s character realising that his kids need him and that at the end of the day they are more important than the big deal is touching. Yes, it has been done before and is nothing new, but Vaughn delivers it with enough warmth and feeling that you do genuinely believe it.

The comedy is fairly standard, there are a few laughs to be had but these are fairly few and far between. The thing I appreciated about this film is that the comedy is not mean-spirited, Franco’s character is clearly supposed to have special needs, but the film does not mock him for it or make him the butt of every joke; as an Adam Sandler film might.

Overall, though it might not be the funniest film it does have a good heart and a nice message.


The father son plotline

The Nick Frost cameo

It has a few funny moments


It has been done better before

Quite a large amount of the jokes don’t land


Reviewed by Luke

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