Wedding Crashers: Aging Poorly

Wedding Crasher is a comedy film directed by David Dobkin. The plot sees two guys (Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson), who as the title suggests crash weddings to pick up bridesmaids.  However, when they crash one of the most important weddings of the season, they find out that they have bitten off a little more than they can handle.

Vaughn and Wilson have great chemistry and the comedic rapport between them is very strong and provides us with a few comedic moments. As a fan of both, I can safely say that they are in their peak with this film and that is evident for all to see.

The jokes of the film proved to be a mixed bag for me, on the one hand their were numerous funny moments that made me laugh, but there was also a nasty trend of laughing at male sexual abuse which seems blue even by mid-2000’s standards. Vaughn’s character is almost raped, and Wilson’s is subject to numerous unwelcomed advances, in both situations these events are played for laughs which is really quite bad.

Also the film has some very troublesome views about the LGBTQ+ community, with the only real representation of them being an emo sexual predator.

The romance is quite strong and is at its best between Wilson’s character and Rachel McAdams’s character. Their romance feels earnest and heartfelt, with you really wanting them to end up together. This is contrasted nicely by the romance of Vaughn’s character that feels slap dashed and a bit too neatly tied up.

Overall, this films mean spirited views towards male sexual abuse would have been a source for criticism whenever it was released, who ever wrote the script is entirely responsible for the worst parts of the film and should be fired; some laughs and a bit of Christopher Walken aren’t enough to change that.



Vaughn and Wilson have great chemistry

There are a few laughs


The jokes about male sexual abuse and playing off the situation and normal or kooky

They make the only LGBTQ+ character a harmful stereotype


Reviewed by Luke    

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