Wonder Woman 1984: Consent Issues And Rape Threats

Wonder Woman 1984 is a DC superhero film directed by Patty Jenkins.

Yikes. How can a film go from a first entry I gave 5/5 to this. There are so many issues with this film I don’t even know where to begin.

To start on a slightly positive note, Gal Gadot is still a lot of fun as Diana/ Wonder Woman. She brings just the right level or heart and badassery to the role, which makes for a great watch. Likewise, Pedro Pascal is an entertaining villain, and though hammy and scenery chewing manages to have quite a few good moments, that help an otherwise deeply troubled film.

My central issue with this film and the one that almost made me stop watching it is the consent issue. When Diana’s lost love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) comes back from the dead he is in the body of someone else, this other person does not know Diane or Trevor and yet this body is used by Trevor to have sex with Diana which raises all sorts of iffy moral questions; who thought this was a tasteful idea in a family film no less. Adding to that I don’t understand why recent DCEU films have been so keen on including the threat of rape, these films are supposed to be aimed at a wide audience including kids. At least in Birds Of Prey, it had an older market in mind, here we see Kristen Wiig’s character threatened with sexual assault, why? To show she is weak? Think about the message that sends.

Another issue I had with this film is just how in love with the 1980s it is. When I first started seeing 80s nostalgia it was fun and charming, but this film manages to push it over the line and make it feel gimmicky and annoying. There are moments when the film could have the charm of a Chris Columbus film but then it has to go and overdo it.

Additionally, this film seems to be the most radical departure from Zack Snyder’s bleak and oppressive DCEU films and the most blatant in its attempt to copy the MCU. However, even this it manages to get badly wrong. This film takes the annoying humour from the MCU and stretches it out for 2 and a half hours, (an unreasonably long about of time), not only is a lot of this humour in no way funny, but it also removes any tension from the film; for the 1st hour and a half literally nothing happens.

Finally, Kristen Wiig is badly miscast. Her character is a cliché inside of a stereotype and it is clear from the off where it is going to end. In that vein, you would think the film would make more of an effort to give her Cheetah a moment to shine, but no she is quickly defeat within 5 minutes; we can’t have any threat or tension now can we.

Also the film looks oddly cheap throughout which does not make sense considering its budget.

Overall, this film somehow manages to be worse that Birds of Prey and reignites all my fears for the DCEU, please if anyone over at Star Wars is reading this remove Patty Jenkins now before she ruins the next film.


Gadot and Pascal


The consent issue

It looks cheap

There is no action

Kristen Wiig is miscast, and her character does not have a minute to shine

Why is there a rape threat in a family film?


Reviewed by Luke

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