Slow West: She Is Just Not That Into You

Slow West is a western, drama, romance film directed by John Maclean. The plot sees a young boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee), travel across the American frontier to try and find and reconnect with his lost love. Whilst, traveling he meets up with an outlaw (Michael Fassbender), and the two form a bond and journey together.

This film will not be for everyone, that is really the most important piece of information that you will get out of this review. It is very niche and artsy and is almost certainly an acquired taste.

The ending of the film did a number on me, emotionally. Seeing the conclusion of his naïve young boys’ journey is nothing short of heart-breaking, and the ending is bleak and will leave you depressed: at least that’s how I felt after watching it.

Fassbender and Ben Mendelsohn (who only has a small role), both give very memorable performances and sink into their respective characters perfectly. Mendelsohn became this looming spector of death, whereas Fassbender became more of the loveable rouge as the film went on and he became ever more fatherly to the protagonist.

Despite the shorter than average runtime this film does have some pacing issues and a few scenes do feel needlessly drawn out; this put me off.

Overall, a very strange art house western that won’t be to all tastes, but there might be some niche appeal there.



The emotion



The ending

Pacing issues galore

The main star was quite weak and easily out-shined


Reviewed by Luke    

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