Naked: Yet Another Time Loop

Naked is a comedy film directed by Michael Tiddes. The plot sees a man (Marlon Wayans) become trapped in a timeloop on the day of his wedding. This forces him to revaluate the type of person he is and ultimately forces him to grow up.

So by and large this is a fairly generic film. The whole concept ‘the time loop’ is starting to become quickly played out and boring, as we have seen various different characters become trapped in loops many times over at this point.

Wayans tries his best and the few laughs that there are in the film do come from his character, so I will give him prompts for that. However, this character as a whole is a cliché of the man child/ underachiever trope and is once again nothing new: having all the nuance and development of a burnt Christmas dinner.

The comedy mostly missed the mark for me. I laughed maybe once or twice throughout and had a few more smiles, but mostly the humour left me cold. I found any character that wasn’t Wayans deeply unfunny, I don’t know if that was done by design to make Wayans more funny? Though all it managed to do was to make me feel indifferent.

Overall, as a comedy film this is watchable if you have no other options, but it is nothing you haven’t already seen better before.


It is watchable

It has a few good jokes


Wayans is struggling

The other characters leave no impression

The premise is been there done that


Reviewed by Luke   

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