Get The Gringo: Bringing Hand-Grenades To Office Meetings

Get The Gringo (Or as it is known in other territories How I Spent My Summer Vacation), is an action film directed by Adrian Grunberg. The plot sees an unnamed heister (Mel Gibson), become imprisoned in a corrupt Mexican prison, he must fight for his own survival as well as to protect a child who he has befriended.

So, yes none of my Mel Gibson action film reviews would be complete with me condemning his personal life and views, take that as a given here as always.

However, that said I really enjoyed this film and Gibson was a big part of the reason I did. He is magnetic in this film, despite being unnamed and undeveloped, in a few different ways, he has enough action hero charm that you don’t question it and instead get swept up in the adventure. As the film ends you can’t help but cheer for his character.

The plot of the film is quite smart, it is simple and self-contained enough to not be overly complicated, whilst also having enough twists to keep you constantly engaged and asking what is going to happen next. The third act is particularly well done in this respect, it has some great action set pieces, but also an almost Soderbergh level of suave to the final tie up.

Overall, I enjoyed this film a lot and I thought it was terrific.



The action

The twists and turns

The ending


Some of the characters feel underdeveloped to the point of becoming stereotypes.


Reviewed by Luke     

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