Show Dogs: The Low Point Of Will Arnett’s Career

Show Dogs is a buddy cop comedy film directed by Raja Gosnell. The plot follows an FBI agent (Will Arnett), who goes undercover in a dog show to try and recover a missing panda. By his side the whole time is tough LAPD street dog Max (Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges), can the two get on for long enough to solve the crime?

So, I won’t even get into the weird bestiality, abuse scene from this film that was cut. However, I will say that it is very odd to have a scene where the dogs are touched (for inspection purposes), but without their consent in the gentiles which is shown to be traumatic towards the dogs, and then have one of the dogs remark that it is normal and just something to accept, in a kid’s film. The message of this is frankly disgusting and an investigation should be launched into who wrote it and why.

That said, though this film is undeniably bad, there is some goofy fun to be had. If you can accept that this film is not trying to be good and instead laugh at it for what it is then you will enjoy it a lot more.  

Arnett seems desperate to be somewhere else for most of the film and it makes you think how did they even get him to sign on in the first place, the same can be said for most of the performers in this film.

Moreover, the CGI effects, especially the ones on the dogs when they are talking, are just awfully bad and show just how cheap the production value of this film clearly is; it looks like something out of the early 00, though that would probably be more convincing.

Overall, if you want to watch a bad movie then this will do, but if you want an actually enjoyable, well made film then stay far, far away from this film.


It is hilariously bad


Arnett is awful and Ludacris is not much better

The story is joyless

The jokes don’t work

It looks cheap

The film feels icky even with the abuse scene taken out


Reviewed by Luke   

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