Run: Sarah Paulson Plays Sarah Paulson Yet Again

Run is a thriller film directed by Aneesh Chaganty. The plot follows Chloe (Kiera Allen), a young girl who has been sheltered and kept in doors for most of her life. However, one day she starts to notice odd changes in her mum’s (Sarah Paulson) behaviour so decides to investigate and what she finds is far more sinister then she could ever have imagined.

This is a lame duck, this is dull, uninspired, and has been done better before. The twist serves to demonise women who go through a particularly traumatic event, I won’t spoil it here, and then once the twist is out there this just becomes like any number of other movies. Though, I won’t say what the twist is I will say that it is blindingly obvious from the start of the film, and yes, it does play out exactly how you would expect it to.

Furthermore, I am deeply unimpressed with Paulson’s performance here. It is fine but nothing out of the ordinary for her. I have come to realise that with Paulson it is the same performance in every role, this is no exception. She has as much range as a park bench and is a poor choice for a leading role.

The film also has pacing issues it makes the 90-minute runtime feel like double or even triple that and you are lured away by your phone because nothing on the screen can keep your attention.

Overall, deeply uninspired.



A few well executed scenes


Pacing issues make it a bore

Paulson is not a good lead

You have seen this film before


Reviewed by Luke

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