Holidate: Netflix’s Sexist Holiday Film, ‘A Woman Can Only Be Happy If She Is In A Relationship’

Holidate is a Christmas themed romantic comedy directed by John Whitesell. The plot sees a couple of single people (Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey), start spending the holidays together, to throw off the bad societal conotation of spending the holidays alone. Obviously, as the film goes on they start expressing romantic feelings towards one another.

This film is awful it may be one of the worst films of 2020 in my opinion, it is offensive. So, not only does this film push almost every stereotype under the sun, it also has a lot of very troubling notions about women and their place in society. Firstly, a big deal is made because Robert’s character is not looking for a man and because she has been without one for 6 months, the horror. Secondly, the male lead pretty much cheats on her during the film and during the emotional resolution of the film she apologies to him for overreacting, pardon me what?

I understand this is a rom-com, but that narrative that you can’t be happy alone and that women, especially, need a man to be happy is toxic as hell and it is the central theme of this film. Whoever wrote this film should be fired and not allowed to work again.

Roberts if fun and likeable, she is the only positive note about this film. The male lead is incredibly bland and forgettable, I can’t remember his name right now.

Overall, this may be the most sexist out of touch Christmas movie I have ever seen.


Emma Roberts


It is sexist

It promotes bad messages

It furthers stereotypes

The ending is wrong


Reviewed by Luke

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