Wild Child: The Most Confusing Accent You Have Ever Heard

Wild Child is a teen comedy film directed by Nick Moore. The plot follows spoilt suburban girl Poppy as she is (Emma Roberts), sent away to a stuffy English boarding school; a beneficial culture clash ensues.

This film won’t win points for originality, as this plot line has been done to the point of nauseum. However, the dry comedic talents of Roberts managed to save this film, honestly if it hadn’t been for her then I would have probably stopped watching. She was believable as the brat, but also loveable when she turned it around; she had a lot of that all important rootability.

The humour of this film is very relatable, it reminds you of a lot of the concerns you had when you were a teen. I enjoyed seeing the friendships develop between the girls, with the romance getting a back seat; normally in these sort of films it would be front and centre.

My favourite moment of this film was the short cameo from Nick Frost, it made me laugh quite a bit. I don’t fully understand what sort of accent he is supposed to be doing, but he is still my favourite bit about this film.

Overall, a fun teen romp that is made by Emma Roberts, with a surprisingly great cameo from Frost and the wise choice to focus on friendships over relationships.


Emma Roberts

Nick Frost

Focusing on friendship over relationships

It is very relatable


You have seen this before


Reviewed by Luke    

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