Hellbound,HellRaiser 2: I Never Knew Hell Was This Boring

Hellbound Hellraiser 2 is a slasher horror film directed by Tony Randel. The film serves as a continuation of the first film with hero Kirsty (Ashley Lawrence), venturing into the world of the cenobites to try and save her dead father. However, once she arrives she realises that there is more afoot than she first thought.

So, Clive Baker’s involvement with this film is much less than in the first and you can feel that in all the worst ways. Clearly, this sequel was made because the first was a success, but without a reason other than that for it to exist. It doesn’t add much to the first film and honestly, throughout its entire runtime it never justifies its existence.

The plot is messy and muddled, there is a lot of different things going on at the same time, far too many, and things quickly get muddled; this film goes out of its way to be exposition heavy and it really suffers for it. The issue with the writing in this film is it explains its lore a bit too much and unless you’re taking detailed notes you won’t really understand what is going on, but you will feel bored.
Also the cenobites themselves are worse here as they are the main focus. Part of the reason Pinhead (Doug Bradley), was so effective in the first film was because he was a demon of few words he was enigmatic, the few scenes we had teased us but didn’t give anything up; he was given limited screen time. However, here he is front and centre and by giving him this limelight he is demystified and though he is not the main villain here, that is some other throw away character, his presence is felt far too much.

Overall, a sequel that shows everything wrong with the concept.


Some cool imagery


Overusing Pinhead

Far too much exposition

So many throw away characters

It never justifies its existence


Reviewed by Luke

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