Honest Thief: Jai Courtney Always Popping Up When You Least Expect Him, And Certainly Don’t Want Him

Honest Thief is an action thriller film directed by Mark Williams. The plot sees successful bank robber Tom (Liam Neeson) try and confess to his crimes after meeting a woman, who he falls in love with, he hopes that by confessing they can have a life together. However dirty cops frame him for the murder of a fellow agent, and he must prove his innocence.

So, this is about what you would expect, it is your standard Liam Neeson schlock, he uses his skills to defeat the baddies prove that he is a good guy and that’s that. There, that’s the plot summed up in a line. However, for me I am not watching these films for their plot I am watching these films to watch Liam Neeson in ever more preposterous situations, and hey I was not disappointed here.

Ultimately, the film is quite generic. It is nothing you haven’t seen before, there are some tense moments that give the film so watchability, but really the only thing that keeps you invested is Neeson, if he wasn’t in it this film would be trash.

Jai Courtney is in this film, yes he hasn’t just faded into obscurity as you and I had believed far from it he is the villain of the piece. In this film he reminds us all why he is rarely cast, though it is fun to watch him be terrorised by Neeson.

Overall, your enjoyment of this film will come down to how much you like Liam Neeson and his schlocky action films.


Liam Neeson

How over the top it is

It is almost funny at times, obviously unintentionally


Jai Courtney

It is generic

The action leaves quite a lot to be desired


Reviewed by Luke  

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