Hail Caesar: In Hollywood Commies Lurk Around Every Corner

Hail Caesar! Is a comedy film directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. The plot follows a fixer in the Golden Age of Hollywood as he fights to keep everything running smoothly at a movie studio, this involves finding the star of the studio’s big sand and sandals epic who has gone missing.

This might be one of Josh Brolin’s finest performances to date. Brolin play’s the fixer, as you might have guessed, and he plays the part with such gusto and relish that you can’t help but be transfixed by him for the entirety of the movie. I believe no other actor could have done as much with the part as Brolin.

Obviously this film is a love letter, and some what of a scolding critique on the Golden Age of Hollywood as well as it’s contemporary incarnation. While that can sometimes feel a bit smug and cliquey, I believe the love here, and I love the version of the Golden Age this film portrays. I easily got lost in the world and would like to see more content set therein.

The supporting cast all have their moments to shine which I enjoyed, even though most are only relegated to glorified cameos they still leave a mark, which I find impressive. Channing Tatum is especially good in this regard and his musical number might be one of the best I have ever seen.

Overall, a fun ride for those who love the Golden Age with enough interesting goings on to entertain those who might not be so enamoured.


Josh Brolin

Channing Tatum

The world

The cameos


If you aren’t hugely into the time period or film history you might not like it


Reviewed by Luke     

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