Everybody Wants Some: The Life And Times Of 30 Year Old College Freshmen

Everybody Wants Some is a teen comedy film directed by Richard Linklater. The plot follows a group of fresh and returning college baseball players on their first days of the new college year.

This feels very similar to Dazed and Confused which makes sense as this is a spiritual sequel of sorts, and while that film was great this one does just feel like more of the same, which is or isn’t a bad thing depending on your viewpoint. Personally, I was looking to see some growth and evolution that this film didn’t end up providing me with.

On an acting front, the film is a mixed bag. Lead character Jake (Blake Jenner), feels like a wet blanket, he doesn’t have much personality and what he does have he has through osmosis with the other characters, who are much better developed and are much more interesting.

For proof of my point look at Wyatt Russel’s Willoughby, we see him go from a stoner to a fraud over the course of the film, it is a sudden change admittedly, but it results in his character having an arc. Whereas Jake starts and ends on pretty much the same note.

I did enjoy the romance between Jake and Beverly (Zoey Deutch), I thought that was touching and sweet, however I again would have liked to see more of it, and or it developed further.

A pro I will give this film, is it is a star making turn for Glen Powell he is terrific as Finn and basically steals the entire film.

Overall, it is more of the same which personally I find underwhelming. However, it does showcase some great upcoming talent, so worth a watch on that basis.


Glen Powell

The romance

The jokes were funny, if a little repetitive


There is nothing new here

It lacked depth and a lot of the characters were deeply underdeveloped.


Reviewed by Luke       

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