Peppermint: John Wick Was A Good Film Right? Lets Copy It.

Peppermint is an action thriller film directed by Pierre Morel. The plot follows the transformation of quiet suburban mother Riley North (Jennifer Garner), after the death of her family.

So, this is a deeply average action film that is clearly trying to cash in on things like John Wick and those other kind of action films for as much as they can get. As such the story is played out before it begins and you can guess easily where it is going, it is a mash up of many different genre cliches and stereotypes.

Jennifer Garner is fine, nothing more than that. She is believable enough in the physicality of the role, but because the film is so poorly written and has no real reason to exist, her character feels incredibly hollow. Yes she is a badass, so what? We don’t feel anything for the character and the drama feels cliché and forced.

I mainly watched this as I was looking for schlocky action and that is pretty much all it is good for. It is just fun to watch guys get mowed down sometimes, I guess. Some of the scenes push the boat out on what is possible and are usually better for it.

Overall, only watchable if you either can’t find anything better or are looking for just some generic action schlock.


It is watchable

Some of the more unbelievable action scenes are fun to watch

It is schlocky as hell


Jennifer Garner brings nothing to the role

The film feels like a rip off

It has no reason to exist

It is incredibly generic


Reviewed by Luke  

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