Faith Based: Lance Reddick Is GOD

Faith Based is a comedy film directed by Vincent Masciale. The plot follows two slacker friends Luke (Luke Barnett) and Tanner (Tanner Thomason), who decide to make a Christian movie after they hear that they can make a lot of money if they pull it off. Cynically and rather naively the friends think that it will be easy to make a crappy faith-based movie, quickly the learn how wrong they are.

I am loving this trend of Lance Reddick just appearing in random small budget comedy and horror films. He always makes them much better and brings much need gravitas; the man is a treasure. He plays Luke’s adoptive father, who never really believed in this son always viewing him as the screw up. The scenes him and Barnett share are easily the best in the film, there is a sweetness and a tenderness to their relationship that is really quite touching.

I enjoyed this film quite a bit, I liked the satirical edge to it. It never felt mean spirited in its jokes about faith-based films, but it also felt spot on with its commentary hitting all the right spots. The jokes worked for me and often made me laugh, but remember humour is subjective.

Overall, a delightful comedy film that brings a smile to your face and touches your heart.


Spot on commentary

It is funny

It doesn’t feel mean spirited

Lance Reddick


The leads don’t bring much


Reviewed by Luke   

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