Ratatouille: There’s A Rat In My Kitchen What Am I Gonna Do?

Ratatouille is an animated family film directed by Brad Bird. The plot follows Remy (Patton Oswald), a rat who dreams of becoming a chief, as he teams up with out of his depth cook Linguini (Lou Romano), to become the ultimate cooking duo and change the face of the French culinary scene.

This had been on my list for a long time, I have seen most other Pixar films, but for one reason or another I just hadn’t gotten round to seeing this. Now after having seen it, I can say it is solidly middle ground for the studio.

I feel the film repeats a lot of plot beats from other Pixar films, the themes feel a bit too familiar. However, it is worse than that because not only do these themes and plot points feel done before, but they also feel like they have been done worse here.

The film didn’t really connect with me emotionally, and that is what makes or breaks a Pixar film. Though it has a few good cheer worthy moments, it seems to lack any kind of heart as a whole. Neither of the two main characters have any real charm or likeability, by the end I didn’t even care slightly about Linguini.

Another thing I noticed was the stark lack of any real kind of female representation. Yes there is one other female cook, who has all the personality of a brick, but she is basically just turned into a love interest for Linguini and has no kind of agency; also when her and Linguini are forced to kiss by Remy it is more than a little icky.

Overall, a very middling Pixar film that lacks any kind of heart and that is probably the least emotive of all of Pixar’s work, seriously Onward is better and that is saying something.


A few cheery worthy moments

I liked how they developed the food critic character

It has a very distinct sense of personality


It feels all too familiar

The two main characters aren’t very likeable or even interesting

Turning the only female character into a love interest


Reviewed by Luke    

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