Sputnik: The Realities Of The Russian Space Program

Sputnik is a Russian horror film directed by Egor Abramenko. The plot retells the events surrounding the Sputnik USSR space mission, this time when the cosmonauts return to Earth they bring with them, unknowingly, an alien parasite.

So this film is far from perfect, but it does do a few things right. Firstly the look of the alien itself is really convincing, though it is only used sparingly, the CGI on it looks top notch. I was honestly shocked by how good it was. Secondly, the horror and the tension is effective when used and there were multiple moments that had me in a cold sweat.

My main issue with this film is the staggering pacing issues. There are parts of this film that feel so slow that you almost want to give up with the film all together. These might only be ten-minute segments, but they feel like hours of your time. Moreover, I wasn’t really sold by any of the acting, it all just felt very average to me; no one blew me away.

Overall, though there are good elements and the CGI is strikingly good, it just isn’t enough to keep your attention during the slow parts. The acting doesn’t invoke anything and the scares though effective are spread too thin.


A few good scares

The alien looks quite good

An engaging story when it is moving a quick pace


Patchy acting

Painfully slow at times

It needed a few more good scares


Reviewed by Luke   

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