Juliet, Naked: Always Check Your Email Because A Famous Singer Might Have Emailed You

Juliet, Naked is a romantic comedy film directed by Jesse Peretez. The plot follows Annie (Rose Byrne), a woman who is in an unhappy marriage and who is bored with her life. Her husband Duncan (Chris O’ Dowd), spends every waking minute obsessing over a has been singer from decades prior.

One day after commenting on her husband’s blog, Annie receives an email from said has been singer Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke), and he and Annie strike up and unlikely romance.

I have seen a lot of romantic comedy films in my time and I have to say that this was on the better end of that scale. It has no icky or troublesome moments; it had good wholesome themes and ideas and was underpinned by a sweet starting over again romance that you couldn’t help but cheer on at every turn.

Byrne had the right amount of Bridget Jones in her performance to make her be instantly rootable and loveable to the audience. I thought the narration of the emails was a nice touch as it allowed us more access into both Annie and Tucker’s headspaces, it was very You’ve Got Mail.

O’Dowd has the right amount of pompous annoyance as to pull off the obsessed fanboy well. Right from the off we know that he and Annie are poorly suited, to put it mildly, and it is plain to see he neglects her making him a very easy to hate antagonist. O’Dowd is really coming into his own playing petty jerk villains in British films.

Overall, a sweet wholesome romance film that is destined to become a classic of the genre.


The romance

The wholesomeness

Rose Byrne

Ethan Hawke


O’ Dowd is a bit too annoying


Reviewed by Luke   

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