Scooby Doo And The Cyber Chase: Too Meta?

Scooby Doo And The Cyber Chase is a family mystery film directed by Jim Stenstrum. The plot sees Scooby (Scott Innes), and the Gang be sent into cyberspace to defeat an evil virus. The have to progress through various levels that harken back to their classic monsters, defeating each along the way.

I enjoyed the references to the classic series that are all over this film, to me in the final level when they brought back the various villains from the past it was nothing short of a cheer worthy moment. I also enjoyed the tongue in check metaness of having Scooby and co go into a videogame based on them. As we have covered before in my Scooby Doo reviews I am a sucker for metaness.

However, I think very much like Aliens Invade this film does not really understand what a Scooby Doo adventure is and tires to be something else, differing from the formula drastically; maybe too much. Although, the ending that I have mentioned does fix this issue.

I think for once it is not super obvious who the villain is, which is nice to see from one of these films. I understand that they are primarily for kids, but they are usually so damn obvious.

Overall, though this film does lose sight of what a Scooby Doo film is being maybe too meta, it does bring it full circle in a satisfying fan pleasing kind of way with references to the classic series, and the mystery isn’t obvious which I appreciated.


The call backs

The metaness

Not an obvious mystery


Maybe too much metaness

It drags and has pacing issues

The levels other than the final one with the classic monsters do nothing for me


Reviewed by Luke   

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