Parenthood: Questionable Child Nudity

Parenthood is a comedy film directed by Ron Howard. We see inside the life of the Buckman family, their trials and tribulations as they try and raise their kids their own ways and keep everything together.

I never thought a film would show a little kids dick, I thought there was some common decency rule about that, but this one does in the opening 10 minutes. It feels off and troublesome and not the sort of thing that you can explain way as a ‘oh those were different times.’ It is made worse by the fact that the film also shows little kids arses quite a lot as well.

I suppose the counter to my point would be ‘oh this film is trying to show what having a kid is really like’ hence the questionable nudity. I do get that vibe from this film, it is trying to show you how life is for a lot of people, you get stuck in a job you don’t like, to support your family that keeps growing forcing you more and more into a box that there is no real escape from. From that you wouldn’t know that this is supposed to be a comedy film.

The comedy might have made me laugh a few times throughout, it certainly was not a laugh a minute, but hey comedy is subjective. Steve Martin does a fine job leading this film and he sells the drama rather well; the rest of the adult cast are likewise serviceable. No great performances, but they are all pretty good.

Overall, I question the need for the nudity of little kids and think that it should not have been included, however ignoring that the film is quite a compelling look at what real family life is like a far cry from Martin’s Cheaper By The Dozen films.


The cast are all good

The drama is compelling

You feel invested


The comedy is more miss than hit

The little kid nudity


Reviewed by Luke

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