Locke: An Entire Film Of A Man Sat In A Car Having Phone Conversations

Locke is a drama film directed by Steven Knight. The plot sees Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy), driving to the birth of his child. However, as he does this his life falls apart around him, as the child is not with his wife and he is blowing off work for the birth.

So, if anyone ever questions Tom Hardy’s acting credentials tell them to go and watch this film, it is slightly under an hour and a half of a man sat in his car talking to people on the phone. Though that might not sound like much the emotional journey we go on, is indescribable.

Once again through very subtle facial acting Hardy is able to communicate such a wide array of emotions. We can see Ivan as a character slowly start to break down as the film goes on when he realises how severe the consequences of his actions are going to be. All this is not said, but it is shown through Hardy’s performance.

I especially enjoyed Ivan’s conversations with his dead father, who he talks to as the journey progresses. In these instances Hardy is so raw and so passionate that you can’t help but be enthralled by him.

The supporting cast who he talks to over the phone give good enough performances, but this is Hardy’ film through and through.

Overall, a magnificent film and a tour de force performance from Hardy, highlighting the fact that he is one of the best character actors of these modern times.


Tom Hardy’s performance, that is all five pros




Reviewed by Luke  

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