Superman, Man Of Tomorrow: A Superman Story With No Martha Moment

Superman Man Of Tomorrow is an animated superhero film directed by Chris Palmer. The plot follows Clark Kent (Darren Criss), in his early days as he is settling into his Superman identity. This super powered coming of age story is capped off by a wild show down with Lobo (Ryan Hurst), and a mad dash to defeat Parasite (Brett Dalton), before he takes over the world.

I had heard good things about the animated Superman films, so despite the fact that I am more of a Batman person I decided to check this out. I have to say it was nothing I haven’t seen before, it was yet another film showing the early life of Clark Kent, maybe it was a different take on it? I don’t think it was a different take personally, I just think it was yet another boring origin story.

The voice cast was strong with Zachary Quinton as Lex Luthor being the standout, the rest were serviceable if not memorable. I found the dialogue to be quite stilted personally, with some of it reading like poor fan fiction; in fact I think I have read stronger Supes fan fiction before.

Overall, much more boring than it should be, it did nothing for me and other than Zachary Quinton, I thought it was incredibly average standard fare.


Zachary Quinton


Yet another take on young Superman

The voice cast were serviceable if not great

A lot of it boiled down to two super powered beings just punching each other for a long period of time

It was incredibly average


Reviewed by Luke    

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