Curse Of Chucky: Stop Beating A Dead Horse!

Curse Of Chucky is a horror film directed by Don Mancini. It is yet another sequel in the Child’s Play series, this time around Chucky (Brad Dourif), stalks a family from his past killing them one by one seemingly because he wants to take care of a few lose ends from his past.

For the most part this is just yet another copy and paste Chucky movie, the family start out unaware of the doll, the kids befriends the doll, people start dying, more people become aware of the doll, the show down, the end. They are play out pretty much the same, with the exception of Seed and Bride, and this is no different. It is dull and predictable.

What makes this film especially bad is Chucky himself. He tries to be menacing a lot more in this film, they don’t really give him a lot of jokes or one liners and he is trying to be scary. The reason this is dumb, is because the premise and Chucky himself are inherently silly, so they don’t work when presented otherwise.  Annabelle in those movies was never presented as a silly kind of campy character, Chucky on the other hand was, that is the problem.

My other issue with Chucky in this film is the way he looks. For the first half of the film, Chucky looks awful, the actual doll is horrible to look at and looks nothing like classic Chucky. When I first put the film on and saw him looking like that I am not going to lie to you I was tempted to turn it off, however midway through the situation is rectified and the whole thing just feels pointless; the same can be said of the film generally.

Overall, yet another trashy horror movie sequel.


I enjoyed seeing the Bride at the end

The flashback scenes were interesting


The way the doll looked for the first 45 minutes

The fact they try and make Chucky Scary

I have seen this film before so many times, even though this was my first viewing

It was deeply dumb and poorly thought through.


Reviewed by Luke    

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