Train To Busan: Giving A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase Rush Hour

Train To Busan is a South Korean horror film directed by Sang-Ho Yeon. The plot sees Seok- Woo (Yoo Gong­), and his daughter Soo-an (Su-an Kim), become trapped on a train in the middle of a viral infection outbreak that turns people into yes you guessed it zombies. Things quickly get out of hand.

I have been meaning to watch this film for a very long time and I am glad I finally did. Much like the found footage genre, zombies are played out they have been done every which way from Sunday and there isn’t much new to be done with them, at least so I thought before I watched this film.

Yes, this film reinvigorates, at least for me, the tired bloated corpse of the zombie horror subgenre, proving that there is a way to still make zombies cool and scary. The frantic train scenes where you know it is just a matter of time before the zombies break through the glass doors are frankly menacing and you can’t help but feel filled with dread.

As well as the strong horror sensibilities this film also has a keen sense of familial drama. The father daughter relationship is central to the narrative of the film, and it is fully explored with much more depth than I thought it was going to be. The ending will have you in tears it is that sad.

Overall, a very layered horror film that manages to do multiple things well, being able to both scary you and make you cry.


Making zombies scary again

The ending

The father daughter stuff

The frantic nature of the zombies and the threat they pose


I could guess some of the twists before they happened


Reviewed by Luke   

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