I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives Here: The Most Pretentious Film Of All Time

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House is a horror mystery film directed by Oz Perkins. The film follows a young live in nurse Lily (Ruth Wilson), as she slowly starts to unravel the past of the house she is staying in.

I am not going to lie to you even after watching this I still have very little idea of what went on and why. The reason for this is because the story is told in one of the most obtuse ways I have ever seen in cinema, there are cuts to a novel (which is also real life), and a constant stream of narration that only serves to make the film more confusing.

Perkins doesn’t seem to understand that by being pretentious   it does not make his film good, nor does it make it deep and meaningful. This film seems to be in love with itself, it thinks it is so clever and well put together and it thinks you should think that to. Well sadly, it just comes across as a mess of confusing pretentious airs with little charm or engaging story telling to keep you invested.

Overall, this film wastes the talents of Ruth Wilson and is far to up in own arse to ever be good.


Ruth Wilson


It is confusing

It is pretentious

The storytelling doesn’t hold up

It is smug


Reviewed by Luke   

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