Extraction: All These Netflix Action Films Are Starting To Feel The Same

Extraction is an action film directed by Sam Hargrave. The plot sees mercenary Tyler (Chris Hemsworth), charged with saving a hostage and then safely extracting them, as you can imagine things don’t go quite to plan.

I have said it before and I will say it again, whoever Netflix has in charge of green lighting these action films needs to be fired, not because the films themselves are terrible, no because they all feel and look the same. This film could be so many different action movies, with the only difference being the actor and the location and a few minor plot details, it is so samey it is boring.

The story, I found to be incredibly dull. Maybe the Russo’s should stick to directing? I didn’t really care about what was going on and often lost interest. The worst bit of writing in the whole film comes when this kid early on in the film clearly wants to kill Hemsworth’s character, so you think ‘oh the showdown between those two will be a pretty big deal’. No, he just shoots him in the back of the neck with no pomp or circumstance, and it just feels lame and disappointing.

The two things I will credit this film for are both Hemsworth related. The first is that Chris Hemsworth actually gives quite a good dramatic performance, one that made me sit up and take notice. Before this I had not taken him seriously as an actor at all. Secondly, the action scenes are well done and well-choreographed, not John Wick level but still.

Overall, more generic action fare form Netflix


Hemsworth’s performance

The action itself


The showdown

The writing

It was so so dull


Reviewed by Luke

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