Tammy: Proof That Couples Shouldn’t Make Films Together

Tammy is a comedy film directed by Ben Falcone. The plot follows Tammy (Melissa McCarthy), a woman who is fired and then then finds out her husband is cheating on her so decides to hit the road with her mother to try and start over.

Why Mark Duplass? Why did you appear in this, did they force you? This film is a mess from start to finish and proves without a doubt why Falcone and McCarthy shouldn’t work together, they just make trash. The pair are married, and no doubt cheered on the others bad decisions and that is how you end up with a film as bad this one, a film that underutilises the ever wonderfully Mark Duplass and tarnishes his filmography.

If you have ever seen one of her “comedy” films before you know what you are getting in for, McCarthy is painfully unfunny near constantly and has to rely on very juvenile slapstick humor to try and get a cheap laugh and guess what, not even that is funny. Almost ever line is either cringe or capable of drawing out a groan.  

The characters and plot are non-existent, what do they matter right. Tammy herself as a character is one of the most unlikeable personalities ever set to screen, you struggle to feel any kind of sympathy with her and by the end of the film actively want to see her life be left in ruins.

Overall, this is a waste of your time it is not even funny in the slightest way and makes Adam Sandler and Johnny Knoxville look like wise comedy masters by comparison.


It is short


It is not funny

I wanted to turn it off multiple times

It wastes Mark Duplass

There is a distinct lack of characters or plot


Reviewed by Luke  

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