Daddy’s Home: Having A Laugh At Male Infertility

Daddy’s Home is a comedy film directed by Sean Anders. The plot sees Brad (Will Ferrell), a new stepfather who just wants to be loved by his wife’s kids, become forced out of the picture as his wife’s much more handsome and assertive ex husband Dusty (Mark Wahlberg), remerges on the scene.

So, I always enjoy the Ferrell Wahlberg dynamic on screen, even if it is lesser when compared to Ferrell and Riley, however here it goes past the point of being funny. Keep in mind a lot of my issues with this film stem from its humour which is entirely subjective.

This film feels like an extension of the Other Guys which also stared both leads, the comedy is very similar, however there it felt like a good back and forth, here it just feels mean spirited. This film goes blue several times with the humour going places that I thought was a little needless. Call Ferrell’s character a “pussy”, sure but don’t make fun of the fact he is infertile it just leaves a bad taste.

On the writing front this is an incredibly generic comedy, there must be thousands of others like it that treat the premise with more of a clever take. You can accurately predict this film scene by scene before you have even seen it, and this obviousness makes the film boring in the long term.

Overall, despite having a few good laughs the humour mostly leaves a bad taste in your mouth and this film will go down as yet another miss for Ferrell.


One or two laughs

The ending with John Cena


The humour is mean spirited

The characters are oddly inconsistent

The story is laughably predictable

Reviewed by Luke   

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