Magic Camp: Do You Want To See A Trick?

Magic Camp is a family comedy film directed by Mark Waters. The plot follows failed magician Andy (Adam Devine), who ends up teaching at a summer magic camp for kids interested in the mystical arts. Whilst there Andy rediscovers his passion, thanks in no small part to the kids, and also mends fences with his ex Darkwood (Gillian Jacobs).

I’ve said this before, Adam Devine is this generations Jack Black, if a little less charming and a little more desperate. With that in mind I found many similarities between this film and Black’s classic School Of Rock, and in that regard I found this film to be a heart-warming success. Will it set the world on fire or break the industry? No, no it won’t. However if you just want to watch a nice, happy, easy to watch film then look no further.

Devine works much better in a family friendly setting, so not getting his dick out, he has a strong paternal energy to him, and you buy him as someone who really does care about these kids by the end of the film. He also manages to nail key emotional scenes with the kids, that don’t come across as cringey.

Overall, very enjoyable, not a challenging watch, but maybe something to watch when you’re feeling down and need a pick me up. Further proof that Devine is Jack Black.


Heart warming


A good heart that nails the emotional scenes

A few good jokes


Nothing new


Reviewed By Luke  

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